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- Aug.30, 2003 Cin. Ohio
- June 23, 2002, Milford. Ohio

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Fr. James Riehle, C.S.C., passed away peacefully on October 29, 2008 at his home at the University of Notre Dame after a brief illness. He was 83. More.
We visited the nineteenth century home of Clemens Riehle in Perintown Ohio and spoke with Marge Riehle who continues to maintain the house and farm it in wonderful condition (Summer 2005)
Many who trace roots back to the Baden region of Germany are aware that records from local churches generally go back only as far as about 1650. Consider those difficult times in our new essay,  "The Baden Region and the Thirty Years War".  (October, 2004)
New information and speculation about the origin of the Riehle name.  Are we descendents of the "Renown Wolf"?  (October, 2004)


























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