The Riehle Coat of Arms?

Many of us have seen a document put out by an Ohio based company called "Halberts"" that includes what is supposed to be a Riehle family coat of arms.  While we cannot definitively say this is not our family's coat of arms, skepticism is certainly warranted.  A quick check with Google on "Halberts of Ohio" turns up lots of hits indicating that this company is a scam.  Interestingly enough however, while they say Halberts material is superficial, they do not indicate that it is necessarily incorrect.

Our speculation would be that this coat of arms is based on a real coat of arms, probably associated with a family name as close to Riehle as they could find. Of course it may be pure invention, but invention is generally more work than misrepresentation.

In any case Halberts is out of business now.

If anyone has more information on this coat of arms or any other Riehle-related coat of arms, please contact us.