Martha Riehle's
Eighty-fifth Birthday Celebration


Martha (LeSaint) Riehle was born September 3, 1918.  Eighty-five years later, on August 30, 2003, family and friends gathered with her to celebrate her birthday aboard the Belle of Cincinnati, cruising the Ohio River from the Port of Cincinnati.  Each of her five sons read tributes collected from family members that consistently characterized Martha as being as wise as her years, but as fresh and spontaneous as ever.  After the cruise we gathered at the home of Dan and Melanie Riehle to continue the celebration. 
All 21 grandchildren, ages 10 up through 36,  joined the celebration, coming from as far away as North Carolina and Ontario, Canada.  Perhaps this is the most significant tribute, that not one of them would miss grandma's party!

Gathering outside the Bell of Cincinnati before the cruise...


Cincinnati as seen from the Belle before commencing our cruise.

The Belle of Cincinnati...

No, the above is not the Belle!  The Belle is the large boat in the picture
below, but the kids  thought the USS Nightmare was pretty cool too.


Waiting to board the Belle...


  On deck...

Jen Riehle with Sarah above,  Sarah and Megan below

   In the party room before lunch...

Everyone had a pin.

Martha poses with Missy Riehle, the wife of her grandson, Bill.

Jim Riehle, Martha's grandson, plays with his nephews and niece.

Denny Riehle, Martha's nephew, aboard the Belle.  Jack Schuler, his brother-
in-law, is to his right. Melanie Riehle, who organized the festivities, is at his left.

Eddie Broerman, Alberta Charleville, Mary Burkhardt and Mary
Rita (Bebe) Broerman celebrate the day.

Sherri Schuler and Peggy Riehle enjoy the party.


Martha's son Jim reads tributes to Martha from
his family with Bill looking over his shoulder.

Martha takes the tributes from her family with good
grace and her usual sense of humor



Pictures at Dan & Melanie's...

Martha with her sons and daughters-in law (above) and most of her many
grandchildren (below).  Looks like Bill has already left for the OSU game!

...and then there are great-grandchildren...

So many candles, so young at heart...


Back at Martha's the next day, she and Aunt Mary had many
of the out-of-town visitors in another big, noisy card game. 

A very special thanks to Melanie Riehle for organizing the cruise and
hosting the gathering at her and Dan's home afterward.   Well done, again!