Looking for a way to keep the same email address even if you change your Internet service provider or employer?  Then sign up for email service with yourname @ riehle.net.  Just email us with your name(s), a current email address and first and second preferences for each name listed (e.g., john @ riehle.net or bigjohn @ riehle.net).  Riehle.Net email will normally be forwarded through your existing email account(s) so please provide the target email address for each address requested. 
After you sign up, we will send you an email with your new address(es) and if all goes well, you can then send us a check based on the rates below...
One address
$24.00 per year
Two addresses
just $36.00 per year
Family (up to 6)
all for $48.00 per year
Any payment for email addresses will help cover
the cost of keeping the Website, but we are flexible